Installing GearmanD on Amazon's EC2 Linux AMI Micro Instance

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I have recently been using Amazon Web Services to setup an array of different servers for use with gearmand, memcached, etc. There are some dependencies but yum makes it easy to grab these and get them installed. The gearmand version below maybe out of date, so please check for the latest version.


yum install -y libevent-devel
yum install -y gcc-c++
yum instal -y boost-devel
yum install -y libuuid-devel
yum install -y memcached-devel

cd gearmand-0.20
./configure --prefix=/usr
make && make test
make install

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I love to use linux especially when setting up servers. I also use linux in my laptap (actually it is dual OS).

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Installing GearmanD on Amazon's EC2 Linux AMI Micro Instance

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